Special PCM (protection circuit) for Supporting High discharging, Stable & Safe

High discharge C rating lithium polymer battery need to be rapidly discharged in a short period. If you select the inequality High discharge C rating lithium polymer battery, it may lead to short-circuiting of lithium polymer battery and even have destroyed to your devices. So it is important to select unbeatable one to work for you. Our battery engineers put into more design more effort and high technology to design, manufacture high-rate discharge lithium polymer battery, and custom special PCM that for some personal need. The special PCM can ensure Lithium Polymer Battery to be more stable, safe and durable when high discharging.

Continuous Discharge C Rate

You can determine easily what C rating you request by the two conditions: “how much continuous current will be drawn” and “the capacity of the pack you want to use”. For example, If you want 1000mAh lithium polymer battery to reach 3A continuous discharge, just divide the current by capacity: 3000mAh (3A = 3000mAh) / 1000mAh = 3C. Simply, 3C is the continuous discharge C rate of our lithium polymer battery that you need to select.


Rigorous Testing and Fast Delivery

All High Discharge C rating Lithium Polymer Battery will be rigorously tested before shipping. It is significant to ensure a higher quality of Lithium Polymer Battery. What’s more, we stock additional High Discharge C rating Lithium Polymer Battery for samples and small order, you can get it faster than making a new sample.

To select the Best lithium polymer battery for your RC helicopter

To select a battery for your RC helicopter, you first need to know what voltage you require and how much current you will be drawing continuously. If the motor in your RC helicopter is rated to work with 14.8V, you would need a 4 cell battery. If you need to draw 10A, and you would like your RC helicopter to have a 10 minute (1/6th of an hour = 6C) flight, you would need a battery with 10A / 6 = 1.7A = 1700mAh. This means you would need to put a 3s 1700mAh battery with a C rating of 6 or higher in your RC helicopter.