Customized Shaped Lithium Polymer Battery

We manufacture rectangular lithium polymer battery, round lithium polymer battery, curved lithium polymer battery, cylindrical lithium polymer battery; these batteries have different size and capacity.

Now, we have 21 round lithium polymer batteries, 145 ultra-thin lithium polymer batteries, 6 curved lithium polymer batteries, and 43 cylindrical lithium polymer batteries for you to choose from. Also, we can customize the battery according to your size and capacity. Contact us to provide you with the perfect battery solution!

They can be used in many devices. Health & Fitness Devices, Phone & Accessories, High-tech Smart Design.  Such as Electronic Toothbrush, Massage Tuner, Health Tracking Headband, Electronic Shaver in car, smartest bike lock, palmtop computer, smart bra, wireless earbuds and so on.

*Round Lithium Polymer Battery

We got more and more customers who want a round shape of lithium polymer battery for their round applications such as headsets, medical devices, smart watches, GPS and other wearable products.

*Cylindrical Lithium Polymer Battery

Cylinder Lithium Polymer battery is the best choose for cylindrical device, it can save space and provide a high current. More than 40 Lithium Polymer battery, theres always one for you.

*Curved Lithium Polymer Battery

We have 6 types of curved lithium polymer battery with different dimensions and bending radius, 80~400mAh.

The novel curved batteries are used for more and more wearable device, like wristbands, smartwatch.

*Ultra-Thin Lithium Polymer Battery

Do you want an ultra-thin Lithium Polymer battery for your application? We have 145 models ultra-thin Lithium Polymer battery thickness range 0.1mm to 2.9mm. Power your mini card phones, bank cards with our ultra-thin Lithium Polymer battery.

*Novel Lithium Polymer Battery

We have enough experience on making these novel lithium polymer batteries and keep the good performance of capacity, working voltage and safety. A custom battery solution is also available.

Battery professional solution manufacturers

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